Bucyrus steps up equipment training

The company said that to ensure its range of shovels, draglines and rotary drills perform safely and productively to the highest degree, the South Milwaukee Technical Training Group is introducing several new training products and services in 2009. A series of computer-based training modules are currently under development for the 495 model shovel. The modules contain a series of fully narrated lessons that contain periodic knowledge checks and examinations. Bucyrus is also implementing a learning management system to efficiently deliver the modules to customers via the internet. Already on the market is the value-added simulation training (VAST) for electric mining shovels which will train operators in the efficient operation of Bucyrus’s shovels through a PC-based simulator. Bucyrus said VAST is designed to reduce training costs, increase productivity, and improve training effectiveness. Plans are also underway for structured classes to be offered regionally in the United States and Canada, as well as at the South Milwaukee Technical Training Center. Bucyrus anticipates the technical training centre will be ready to offer the classes during the third quarter of the year, consisting of two general training rooms and one electrical training room. “The electrical room will be outfitted with a variety of simulators that can be used for training purposes as well as for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems on both AC and DC machines,” the company said. Bucyrus said it will also work to improve customer training support in-the-field over the year, to expand resources in operator, mechanical and electrical training, including additional instructors and standardised, electronic training presentations.

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