Boyes appointed chair of Tomra Cleanaway board

Tracey Boyes and been appointed chair of the TOMRA Cleanaway Board, expanding on her role over the prior two years, as a Director of the Board. Boyes is TOMRA Cleanaway’s first female chair.

“Being appointed as the Chair of the TOMRA Cleanaway Board is a direct line into supporting the success of container deposit schemes across the east coast – which is the most practical example of extended producer responsibility in Australia. The schemes are built for our consumers in a way that supports behaviour change through innovative resource recovery technology – this is an invigorating time to be part of the resource recovery industry,” said Boyes.

“Through my role on the TOMRA Cleanaway Board, I get to see firsthand the passion our teams working in container deposit schemes have for their roles. These employees are amongst the most engaged I have come across, and they’re engaged because they believe in the purpose. Our teams are changing the world one container at a time with our customers and this motivates them to work hard every day to deliver a high quality service.”

Joining Cleanaway as Executive General Manager Solid Waste Services in February 2022, Tracey is responsible for Australia’s largest and most progressive solid waste collection and resource recovery business. Achieving circularity – turning waste back into resources – is at the core of Tracey’s role, something that she holds in the highest regard. Alongside driving ever more circular and low carbon outcomes, and efficient operations, Tracey’s focus is on building a culture of safety and a positive workplace culture for all employees.

Boyes’s knowledge and experience in managing large-scale operations and expertise in driving value creation and innovation are a natural fit for TOMRA Cleanaway.

“Since my appointment to the TOMRA Cleanaway Board, I have seen a fundamental shift in the community’s involvement in the schemes – and I do believe that the services that are being provided by TOMRA Cleanaway through container deposit schemes are integral to this,” said Boyes.

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