BHPB Mitsubishi Alliance orders another giant excavator

This new 8750 will weigh more than 6.8 million tonnes (15 million pounds) and will carry a 106 cubic metre (139 cubic yard) struck capacity bucket. With a rated suspended load capacity of 324,322kg (715,000lbs), the dragline will be one of the largest draglines operating in the world today.While the specific value of the contract was not released, a dragline of this type and size would typically sell for $US150-200 million constructed.There are currently 70 Bucyrus brand draglines operating in Australia. BMA owns over half of them making BMA the single largest owner of Bucyrus draglines in the world. “BMA follows a rigorous and thorough review process for evaluating and purchasing its heavy mining equipment,” Bucyrus chief executive Tim Sullivan said.“Although Bucyrus and BMA have forged a strong business relationship over many years, we (Bucyrus) still underwent extensive scrutiny of our design, manufacturing and product support capabilities during their dragline review process.”

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