Bead breakers take muscle work out of tyre changes

The bead breakers are designed for heavy vehicles and implements used in the construction, civil engineering, farming, heavy industrial, mining, primary industry, quarrying and transport industries.The tools come in two models: the EBB400 (which can exert up to 45 kilonewtons or 4.5 tonnes of force) and the EBB180 (140kN and 14t). Weighing 15kg, the EBB400 operates without screws, bolts or attachments, and clamps hydraulically to all rims. Applications of the EBB400 include tyres for tractors, trucks and graders.The EBB180 Giant Tyre/Earth Mover Bead Breaker weighs 14kg, and is designed for use on offroad vehicles using five-piece rims. Its 140kN (14t) hydraulic cylinder has a long, 100mm stroke for tough-to-break tyre beads.

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