Robert Kelman

Europe/New Zealand leading the way in CDS refund

The latest European state to announce adoption of a container deposit/refund scheme is Austria. Commencing in 2024, Austria will launch its scheme with a €0.25 Euro deposit value, equivalent of around A$0.40cents. That’s four times higher than Australia’s current value. New Zealand is also investigating looking at a CDS. Read More

South Australia’s CDS reform needs direction

At 77 per cent recycling, South Australia’s container deposit scheme (CDS) is in the bottom third in terms of global performance. Most European (and a couple of US) schemes recover well over 90 per cent and Germany sits at 98 per cent. Assuming return rates are the arbiter of a scheme’s success, the recent SA draft CDS reform paper is welcome, providing a comprehensive assessment of the state’s CDS.

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