Gayle Sloan

Going circular requires integration, not isolation

The circular economy debate has intensified over the last few years, with governments – state/territory and federal – attempting to develop policies and regulatory frameworks that lead Australia towards a circular economy. These efforts are fantastic, and I am encouraged by our new federal government’s keen focus on building a greener Australia. However, there is more we can do quicker to move Australia along a path to a circular economy, one that our essential sector plays a vital role in supporting.  Read More

Delivering net zero through a circular economy

The overarching themes across the election campaigns are how Australia can manage its increasing cost of living and the need to continue building a resilient economy while we come out of four difficult years. With the number of natural disasters and changing weather patterns, climate change has become a mainstream issue, with major parties turning some of their attention to addressing and managing emissions. The waste and resource recovery (WARR) sector is primed to meet these challenges both economically and environmentally. WMRR has written and spoken to parties and ministers about how we can get cut through to make Australia’s green deal vision a reality. 
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