Aussie firm puts weight behind new scale system

The company is field testing a prototype jackstand system for use with equipment such as haul trucks and drilling platforms. Transcale’s previous R&D work has resulted in weighbridges that interface to despatch systems, are powered by sustainable solar power sources and can transmit weight data via wireless link. Transcale aims to eventually have a “plug and play” system where accessories can be added when the scale system detects new hardware connected. The company’s systems range from the AS20, for axle groups up to 20 tonnes, to the AS780, which can weigh the largest mine haul trucks in the world.Transcale says that while some larger companies see value in purchasing the system to keep a constant eye on load monitoring issues across their operations, smaller operators may choose to rent a system every six months or so to gain a snapshot of their fleet’s performance.Additional equipment can be added for permanent or long-term installations: remote displays or traffic light systems allow instructions and weight data to be displayed to the truck operators, ensuring they can see whether the truck is legally loaded or not before it leaves a site; and customised software packages allow weight data reports to be regularly emailed or uploaded.System data can also be directly transmitted to a fleet management system as the vehicle is being weighed. When weighing in a remote location, the data can be recorded on a handheld logging device for download onto a despatch program.

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