Lee Miezis: What the Vic EPA does well/could do better

During the Waste Expo 2022, EPA Victoria’s CEO Lee Miezis spoke about the government watchdog’s first year operating under the state’s Environment Protection Act 2017, which commenced in July 2021. Twelve months later, he was back at the 2023 event to update the waste/resource recovery sector on the activities EPA Victoria undertook over the past …

Good & Fugly after second round of crowdfunding

Good & Fugly, the Sydney startup rescuing ugly, but fresh produce and delivering it directly to consumers’ doors, is  launching its second equity crowdfunding campaign to help amplify its mission to tackle Australia’s food waste epidemic. The fundraising campaign has just begun with Expression of Interest (EOI). The cosmetic standards of supermarkets means a lot …

BINGO steps up the circular economy stakes

Over the past couple of years BINGO Industries has stepped up its footprint in the waste/resource recovery sector. BINGO was acquired by Macquarie Asset Management (MAM) in 2021. Over this time the company has aggressively invested in recycling infrastructure including its new MPC2 processing facility at Eastern Creek, and a new closed loop wet and …

Coffs Waste Conference: Industry has changed for the good

The pace of change of the industry is one thing Greg Freeman has noticed in the 28 years since he started the Coffs Waste Conference. Back in the day, topics of discussion included rubbish bins, trucks, weighing systems and collection services. The past decade has seen a shift to larger, more encompassing issues such as the circular economy, mandated government diversion/recycling targets, landfill levies, product stewardship and organics.

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Ultrascrub transforms waste into a valuable resource

Demand for recycled aggregate is increasing as the construction industry trends toward more sustainable construction practices. To help producers meet this demand, the McLanahan UltraSCRUB modular scrubbing plant offers a packaged solution for producing clean, recycled coarse aggregate from a C&D debris stream. 

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Vermeer defense system helps save machinery from damage

In large projects such as land clearing or mulch production, grinders are handling large materials like whole trees and large stumps, and metal contaminants can easily mix in with incoming materials. This can cause damage to machinery, which can be costly to repair and result in delays to the project. With 950 hp and in a 41,730 kg weight class, the Vermeer HG6800TX horizontal grinder is the manufacturer’s biggest, most powerful grinder.

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