ACTU backs infrastructure spending, $10.4B injection

ACTU president Sharan Burrow said on Tuesday that an infrastructure spending boost would stimulate Australia’s economy and increase future economic capacity.Burrow also said she supported the federal government’s recent $10.4 billion economic stimulus package saying it will help buffer the country against the global financial crisis.Infrastructure spending priority should be given to those projects that position Australia for future growth and add to productivity in key areas like sustainable industries, public transport and affordable rental and community housing, she said.Priority projects should also generate new jobs and provide secure employment, according to Burrow.“Any extra funding for local government infrastructure should target areas where the downturn is more severe and create lasting benefits to improve quality of life for working Australians and their families in those areas,” she said.“We would like to see the government expand its program beyond community facilities to other infrastructure like road networks that will add to Australia’s productive capacity.“The current financial crisis also highlights the importance of new industrial relations laws that restore workers’ rights, provide greater income security, and boost productivity and growth in the long term,” she said.

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