Acquisition expands Trimble’s field tech capability

QuickPen provides Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), mechanical construction and plumbing industries. The company’s BIM software produces detailed HVAC ductwork and piping models that can be rapidly fabricated. QuickPen’s asset management program allows contractors to manage their significant investment in tools and equipment. Trimble said the acquisition of QuickPen enables Trimble to provide complete “BIM to field” solutions for mechanical and HVAC contractors to automate project estimating, detailing, layout and construction. “BIM is transforming the way construction projects are planned and managed,” the business area manager of Trimble’s building construction division, Pat Bohle, said. “The QuickPen software will enable Trimble to provide complete and compelling solutions for our building construction customers in the HVAC, mechanical and plumbing industries,” Bohle said. “Building contractors will be able to create a BIM in QuickPen software and export the data directly to the Trimble MEP field layout solution and use the data to lay out and construct heating, ventilation and air-conditioning ducts, plumbing systems and piping.” Trimble said BIM is the process of modelling and communicating the structure of a building in detail to benefit the entire building lifecycle. The company said BIM facilitates the exchange and use of building information in digital format, and it is used by professionals on all building types, from the simplest warehouse to complex new buildings.

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