Aconex simplifies tender process

Aconex co-founder Rob Phillpot said the Tender Management module provides everyone involved in a tender – such as contractors, project managers, subcontractors and suppliers – with a central platform to manage the process and its related information.“Tenders are a crucial part of construction, yet it’s a complex and heavily administrative phase in any project, causing headaches for both those coordinating and those responding,” Phillpot said. “Large volumes of information need to be managed and distributed to various parties, and yet companies typically use a combination of hard copies, spreadsheets and internal systems to coordinate each tender.” Phillpot explained the use of offline tools fails to provide a structured way to track what has been sent and received, which increases the risk of errors and delays and can put compliance at risk on public projects.“The Tender Management module provides one system to distribute information, communicate between parties, maintain version control and track submissions – reducing manual input and complexity,” he said.The Aconex Tender Management module allows companies to track invitations and manage requests for information (RFI) through secured access automated email. The platform also ensures no individual party has control over another’s data, as tender managers can apply an electronic ‘lockbox’, which ensures that access to tenders is restricted until a specific time and date.

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