Abigroup secures three contracts worth $91M with NCIG

Under the contract, Abigroup will be completing earthworks, constructing concrete structures and providing rail and signalling for the Newcastle Coal Infrastructure consortium, which includes BHP Billiton, Centennial Coal, Donaldson Coal, Peabody Energy, Felix Resources and Whitehaven Coal. The consortium was formed in 2005 to combat rail and port infrastructure bottlenecks inhibiting coal export potential.Construction of the third coal export terminal at the Port of Newcastle began in late January, with the consortium holding a 35-year lease over the site with the NSW government.The new terminal is expected to cost around $1 billion and will enable around 30 million tonnes per annum in coal exports, NCIG chairman Tony Galligan said. According to Galligan, completion of the terminal is anticipated by early 2010 and is expected to increase GDP by $1.5 billion per year.Abigroup began its first $46 million contract involving 2 million cubic metres of earthworks in September working on rail loop formation, drainage, stockyard berms and roads. The second $33 million contract entails a 25-span rail viaduct, a single-span rail bridge, a dump station structure and a conveyor tunnel.
Under the third $12 million contract, Abigroup is providing rail and signal, comprising track work, signalling design and installation.

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