Abeko, Team Van Oord to rehabilitate Norfolk coast

Abeko will replace groynes along 18 kilometres of beach between Happisburgh and Winterton, and construct a new revetment. Team Van Oord is responsible for technical support and beach replenishment works.Around 32,000 tonnes of rock sourced from waste material in Norway is being shipped in by barge to rebuild the Groyne.About 35,000t of fresh granite rock, 25,000 cubic metres of rock buried under sand and 280,000cu.m of dredged sand will go towards rebuilding the Groyne and beach replenishment. A Cat988 wheel loader is used to unload 13,500t of rock from the barge. Once all the rock is on the beach, a 78t O&K RH25.5 heavy-duty tracked excavator and a Hitachi Zaxis 470LCH will begin recovery work.The Environment Agency and environmentalists are observing the rehabilitation works to ensure sand dunes are not disturbed, and the beach and local habitat are not contaminated or endangered.

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