A new way to drive

Having made its name in bored piles, Avopiling ordered an LRB 255 and PVE 40VML vibratory hammer to broaden the scope of works it could undertake.Aside from standard drilling applications such as Kelly drilling and CFA, the LRB 255 can operate with hydraulic hammer, double rotary drill, ring vibrator, soil mixing tools, sheet pile press and variable moment vibrator. The new machine is one of five Liebherr machines in Avopiling’s fleet, which includes four HS series duty cycle crawler cranes.At the Karratha project, a large area of land was reclaimed from the sea to make a new wharf.It was decided the best way to create the wharf was by sheet piling the perimeter of the reclaimed land.The client had some concerns about the piling rig’s capacity to drive sheet piles longer than 20m into reclaimed land consisting mainly of 75mm stones. The project was also on a strict timeline and had to be completed in 26 working days. In real terms this meant Avopiling needed to install more than eight sheets per day on average, leaving little scope for error. The LRB 255 and PVE 40VML handled the conditions easily and the project was completed in only 17 working days.The LRB 255 has a pull down force of 400 kilonewtons. The machine’s sheet pile feeder allows it to lift and align sheet piles by itself, while a verticality system helps the operator to ensure the sheet piles are being installed correctly.The PVE 40ML can clamp and drive two sheets simultaneously.*This article was first published in Contractor magazine.

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