A laser for inside and out

The Spectra Precision Laser HV301G horizontal and vertical laser has a green beam, which Trimble says is easier to see than the traditional red beam, making it suitable for use in extended working ranges or in bright conditions. Trimble says the HV301G laser transmitter sends a continuous, self-levelled 360-degree laser reference over an entire work area. The company said four rotation speeds and four scanning angles allowed contractors to concentrate the laser beam in their work area for maximum visibility. A simultaneous 90-degree reference beam is included and is used in layout work and point transfer. Also included is a 360-degree remote control, which allows operation of key functions over the jobsite.Electronic, automatic self-levelling in both horizontal and vertical modes assures accuracy. A height of instrument alert turns the beam off when the elevation of the laser changes or is disturbed. The laser can also be used in the manual levelling mode for slope applications, such as matching existing ceiling slopes.For vertical applications, the device can be set up on its built-in, non-slip rubber footpads or mounted vertically to a tripod with the built-in, standard-size tripod mount.The HV301G is shock resistant and can survive a 1m drop onto concrete. It is also dust and moisture resistant.

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