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JCB Excavator works hard and is easy to use

When Skips and Scrap director Grady Kamper needed to expand his business, he decided one item of machinery that would help him realise that ambition was an excavator. But not just any excavator. He chose the JCB JZ140. Why?

“We needed something new and reliable and JCB was pretty quick to have it in stock,” he said. “For the waste industry it was the best product for the most competitive price. JCB excavator was a top tier company that we were dealing with, and have a great reputation in Europe. We could also get it fitted with reverse fans and all those sorts of things, which are applications that we need in the waste industry. You can’t have an excavator working inside a shed without a reverse fan. It definitely impacts the life you get out of the machine.”

Another feature that Kamper and his team like is the cab, due to its comfort. Then there are the safety aspects, which are also important to a business where hazardous situations arise.   

“Its dual safety application is important,” said Kamper. “This feature works whereby you have to pull down a lever and press a button, which really makes the operator aware of what’s happening around them. This feature doesn’t allow for as many mistakes. Another feature is the height of the machine, which means it is good for loading trucks. It’s also got a really heavy counterweight, which is great when you’re operating.”

Its JZ140 EcoMAX T4F, Stage IV engine has been tested for 110,000 hours in 70 machines across a range of challenging applications. The undercarriage of the machine is a welded X-frame construction for long-term durability. It has a reinforced boom and dipper made of high tensile-strength steel, with internal baffle plates aimed at giving long life durability. Finally, its high-strength rigid upper frame provides maximum durability and support, while its stiff durable door design offers added strength and rigidity. None of this is lost on Kamper.

“I’d recommend it to anyone whether they’re on a civil works site or they were in the waste industry,” said Kamper. “I’ve found myself a little bit more comfortable in the JCB excavator than I did in some other well-known brands that I’ve used before.”

Ease of use is another feature that Kamper is happy with. The machine’s 7-inch colour multi-function display is easy to read in all light conditions, provides instant operational information, and has a customisable home screen.

There is also a climate control option that offers a precisely controlled cab temperature with fresh or recirculated air, while the demisting/defrosting functions keep a JZ140 excavator’s front window clear.

“It’s very easy to learn how to use it,” said Kamper. “We use a hydraulic 360-rotating demolition grab on it, which works a treat. It’s fantastic and easy to operate.” 

Another feature is its new basic tool select system, fitted as standard, that allows the operator to set up the single direction auxiliary and hammer circuit to match the flow requirements. The selected flow is achieved by automatically adjusting the engine revs when the hydraulic service is operated.

As for back-up service, well, Kamper said he hasn’t needed any yet. However, his dealings with JCB have been great and he can’t recommend them enough in terms of how they’ve supported Kamper during purchasing. 

“(JCB Territory Manager) Sam Coombe has been great,” he said. “He was one of the reasons why we went with a JCB excavator, and he’ll be a reason why we continue to use JCB.”  

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