Sheridan team up with BlockTexx over textile recycling

Australian homewares brand Sheridan will partner with BlockTexx, a company that specialises in textile resource recovery, to help consumers play their part in reducing textile waste.  

Textile waste is a worldwide issue. By 2030, more than 140 million tonnes per annum of textiles will be sent to landfill with Australia contributing almost one million tonnes annually.  

Business owner, podcaster and keynote speaker Lottie Dalziel is a supporter of the program and encourages consumers to recycle everything from old sheets to old towels. 

“I am a firm believer that in order for recycling to work we need it to be as easy as possible,” she said. “The recycling program at Sheridan is super easy, because all you need do is drop off old towels, worn out sheets or your holey quilt covers to any Sheridan store across the country. They don’t need to have been purchased from Sheridan either – you can literally drop off any brand of old linen that’s ripe for disposal.

“The benefits are twofold – firstly you’re reducing landfill knowing that your old linen could be upcycled into textile fibres or into sunglasses and agricultural products in Australia.” 

Why the Program Matters
The program ensures old sheets, towels and quilt covers are diverted from landfill, and sent to Sheridan’s partners at BlockTexx where its proprietary S.O.F.T. (Separation of Fibre Technology) process is used for hard to recycle textile and clothing blends at their end of life. The technology ensures that textiles are not just recycled but converted into high-grade raw materials for use in many industries, including textiles. 

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