Arjes machines offer precision and efficiency

Tricon has added the Arjes Titan 950 and Impaktor 250 Evo to the company’s range of products. These machines are designed to tackle diverse waste streams with efficiency and precision.

Whether waste management professionals are navigating large-scale projects or require nimble solutions for on-site processing, Tricon offers flexibility. Both the Arjes Titan 950 and Impaktor 250 Evo are available for hire and purchase, empowering industry experts to tailor their equipment choices according to the unique demands of their projects. 

This adaptability positions Tricon as not only a provider of cutting-edge technology but also a partner committed to meeting the evolving needs of the waste management landscape.

In a world where environmental sustainability is paramount, Tricon’s dedication to delivering efficient and eco-friendly solutions is part of the company’s DNA. 

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The Arjes Titan 950 and Impaktor 250 Evo are not just machines; they represent a step towards a greener and more sustainable future for waste processing. Tricon’s emphasis on sustainability extends beyond the machinery itself; it encompasses a holistic approach to waste management, acknowledging the industry’s responsibility to contribute positively to the environment.

As the waste management industry continues to evolve, Tricon consistently pushes the boundaries. 

By providing these state-of-the-art solutions, Tricon enables waste management professionals to navigate challenges with confidence, knowing they have a reliable partner committed to their success. 

In doing so, Tricon Equipment cements its role as a beacon of progress in waste processing, shaping a future where efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology converge for the benefit of our planet. 

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