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ESS-300 has optimum shredding ability

Wastech Engineering upholds its mission to be a contributor to the nation’s circular economy. The company solves waste management problems through innovative and technological solutions driven by the goal of environmental sustainability. Enter the McCloskey Environmental Track Shredder ESS-300.

The ESS-300 is a tracked, primary, single-shaft shredder that can shred materials with effectiveness and reliability.

A feature of the ESS-300 lies in its versatility. It is equipped with an aggressive multi-tooth cutting shaft to meet the needs of sites and facilities whose waste inputs can differ largely in size, material, and ability to shred.

The machine is designed with a hydraulic side opening door for easy chamber access and quick change of available mesh options, allowing the shredder to suit many different applications.

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With its compact design, this equipment also features a fuel-efficient hydraulic system and a variable-speed main conveyor to provide optimum and maximum performance.

The McCloskey Environmental ESS-300 embodies efficiency and sustainability at its core.

Beyond its technical features, this equipment can handle a diverse array of waste, from wood and concrete to tyres and green waste. This shredding machine eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment and streamlines the waste management system for a more efficient and smooth operation.

The unit is also equipped with an intelligent control system and
user-friendly hydraulic controls to enhance convenience and elevate the overall experience.

Wastech Engineering is Australia’s licensed distributor of the shredder. The partnership has led to the development and manufacturing of innovative waste management equipment.

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