3D system meshes well

Leica says its 3D system, called PowerGrade, sits seamlessly on top of any 2D machine guidance system. Leica also says the system’s flexibility means that project managers and machine operators are no longer restricted to one dozer or grader system for one machine, and that PowerGrade’s “snap-on and snap-off” capability allows operators to easily change from one configuration to another as the job demands. The Leica PowerGrade system is upgradeable and fully scaleable from basic 2D to full 3D capability in the same control panel – one option does not exclude the other and in case the machine loses GPS coverage, it simply continues in 2D with lasers and sensors. Leica says if operators only need 3D capability for a short period, they can rent the GPS tracker as well as the 3D software from Australian distributor CR Kennedy.

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