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Queensland waste levy gets mixed reactions from industry

The Queensland government has reintroduced a waste levy after half a decade of not having one, but “only time will … 23

Consumers hoard e-waste for fear it will land in the wrong hands

Many Australians are left wondering what to do with that broken hair straighter, that old washing machine that’s been sitting … 103

Fees dished out with Malaysia’s crack down on foreign waste

Malaysia has ramped up joint inspection and enforcement activities at recycling factories in light of what Malaysia’s environment minister, Yeo … 67

The state of waste in Australia – a 2019 review

This story was contributed by Mike Ritchie – the director of MRA Consulting Group. The Australian Commonwealth has achieved a … 185

Packaging industry’s future involves Internet of Things and circular economy

Having worked for Coca-Cola, Heinz and now McCormick, Dr Michael Okoroafor, has seen his fair share of packaging in an … 55

Circular Economy


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Opinion: Australia’s recycling efforts often go unnoticed

This story was contributed by Pete Shmigel – the CEO of the Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR). When you’re blindfolded … 0 221
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Trevor Evans spills on where the waste industry is heading

Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environment Management, Trevor Evans, speaks to Inside Waste about the Federal government’s role in … 0 223
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More public engagement needed to support EfW in Australia

Public awareness of the benefits of EfW facilities is too low in Australia, according to CSIRO’s Daniel Roberts. Roberts, who … 0 237
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NWRIC: Composting remains Australia’s biggest recycling opportunity

National Waste Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) CEO, Rose Read, explains that organics are the single largest recycling opportunity in Australia … 0 158
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Opinion: Australia’s $80m illegal rubbish dumping issue can be tackled through tech

Dodgy dumpers are causing big problems for Australia Subhash Challa, the former senior principal scientist at NICTA, University of Melbourne … 0 332
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Key steps to getting the most value for a procurement process

Waste industry experts discuss how to get the best value for a procurement process.0 284
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Opinion: EfW can kill two birds with one stone – if government wants it to

Contributed by Gavin Shapiro, who is a partner at Hones Lawyers and specialises in waste contracts, waste legislation, EPA investigations … 0 311
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Opinion: Yellow-top bin recyclables will be banned within five years

This article was contributed by Adam Faulkner, the chief executive officer of the Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) and … 0 475