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Australia’s waste glass export ban to commence by July 2020

A ban on exporting waste glass will be implemented by July 2020, with mixed waste plastic to follow by July … 92

Business as usual can no longer be the way to go, WMRR CEO says

Leading up to the Meeting of Environment Ministers (MEM) on Friday, the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia … 78

Queensland releases Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan

The Queensland government released a Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan on November 7, which proposes a way forward for reducing and … 112

Coalition of councils set target of recycling 45 million glass bottles annually

The Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) is setting itself a goal to recycle 45 million glass bottles each … 85

National battery and pen recycling program launched

A national battery and pen recycling program has been launched in Officeworks stores in Australia. 1102

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Organics – a 10 million-tonne problem for Australia

With organics representing on average, half of the waste that goes into household general waste bins, speakers at this year’s … 0 123
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Manufacturing – what role should it play in circular economy?

Manufacturing must be on the table when talking about achieving a circular economy (CE), according to UNSW Scientia Professor Veena … 0 122
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Consultation has closed on the NSW EPA’s 20-year waste strategy – What now?

It’s been 20 years since the Y2K computer glitch was expected to shut down global computer systems but amounted to … 0 132
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Last chance to purchase tickets to the WARR awards

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Finalists for WARR awards announced


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Let’s fix coffee cups so we can start to focus on food waste

If you care about money or care about the environment or care about climate change, ignore coffee cup recycling and … 0 200
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Opinion: Australia’s material world is at crisis point

Australia is facing a growing waste disaster that is being totally overlooked by our government.0 145

Actions for a circular economy in Australia from the EU model

Circular Economy (CE) could be transformative. Transforming an economy from linear consumption to circular materials flow including redesign, recovery, reuse, … 0 237
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Ewaste Watch co-founder says mainstreaming reuse and repair is the way to go

John Gertsakis, the co-founder of Ewaste Watch, discusses the benefits of mainstreaming reuse and repair.  The transition to a circular economy … 0 501
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Australian waste levies – something needs to be done

Australian landfill levies are on the move, with significant changes in Queensland and South Australia. The trouble with waste disposal, … 0 365