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Sydney household waste trends revealed in waste audit

The Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) with 11 members councils representing 1.7 million residents holds the most comprehensive … 116

Inside Waste switches to home-compostable packaging

Inside Waste magazine will now be delivered in home-compostable packaging – keeping magazines delivered to you free from damage, while … 94

Less than 10 per cent of waste levies reinvested, ACOR reports

Eight per cent of the $2.6 billion collected through waste levies is reinvested by governments in recycling infrastructure and technology, … 86

Vic government invests $2 million in funding to strengthen e-waste sector

Up to $2 million is being made available in the latest round of Sustainability Victoria’s (SV) E-waste Infrastructure Grants by … <table style="border: 0px;"><tbody><tr><td style=" text-align: center; border: 0px; “>The Victorian state government has been investing to strengthening its e-waste sector.</td></tr></tbody></table>

Steps towards a better solar PV industry

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology is playing a pivotal role in Australia’s necessary transition to a renewable and sustainable economy. 143

Circular Economy


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Australia’s place on the waste management global stage

Australia is behind in some aspects of waste management, such as energy from waste, but it is thriving in other … 0 161
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Opinion: It’s government’s turn to take out the rubbish

Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA) executive officer Mark Smith shares his opinion on how the federal and state governments could … 0 141
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Making a meaningful impact beyond the waste industry

Sustainability is at the forefront of various organisations’ minds. From the ski slopes of Perisher Valley, to the halls of … 0 174
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Method Recycling 20L bin created for small spaces

Added technology helps keep track of shredder’s movements

Terminator shreds anything from paper to refrigerator

Twin Ram Baler puts ease into recycling process


UNTHA to take the stage at Australian EfW Forum and Demo Day

Last chance to purchase tickets to the WARR awards

Organics – a 10 million-tonne problem for Australia



Carbon abatement – the waste sector can do much more

Projections show Australia is very unlikely to meet its current 2030 carbon reduction targets, with recent reports of increasing greenhouse … 0 215
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A problem shared, is a problem halved: Tackling food waste

When I started OzHarvest 15 years ago, no one outside of the waste industry was talking about food waste. Now … 0 388
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Reaping benefits from regional recycling in Cherbourg

Stuart Garbutt, who founded RDT and is a director of engineering with Re.Group, discusses the community benefits of regional recycling. 0 377
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MWOO to MSUE – challenging government decisions

The ongoing saga regarding the banning on reuse of mixed waste organic outputs (MWOO) for agricultural purposes in NSW is … 0 243
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Compost for Carbon: webinars for farmers to cash in on compost

Australian soils are particularly poor, both in terms of general plant nutrients but also organic matter, with undisturbed soils only … 0 181