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BASF co-founds global Alliance to End Plastic Waste

BASF have co-founded a global alliance of nearly 30 companies in a bid to advance solutions that reduce and eliminate … 20

Total Environment Centre calls for national scheme for solar panel recycling

Australian environmental group Total Environment Centre (TEC) is calling on state and Federal governments to support solar panel recycling to … 20

New service aims to help Qld pubs and hotels profit from CRS

A new service has been launched to help Queensland pubs and hotels to benefit from the state’s Container Refund Scheme … 22

British town uses dog excrement to power streetlights

A small town located in the West of England is lighting the town’s streets through an innovative solution of converting … 25

Coca-Cola announce plans to phase out plastic straws

Coca-Cola Amatil have announced its plan to phase out plastic drinking straws and stirrers in Australia over the next two … 26

Circular Economy


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Bingo Industries awarded grant for Braeside Recycling Centre redevelopment

Sustainability Victoria has awarded Bingo Industries a grant of $500,000 as part of the third round of funding released under … 0 63
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Accomplishing sustainability goals through collaboration

As consumer and investor demand for sustainable packaging rises, companies within the global food and drink sector must co-create solutions … 0 132
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The circular economy business case is clear for Unilever

Over the years, Unilever has continued to move towards a more circular economy, minimising waste by reducing, reusing and recycling … 0 110
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Future Waste Resources Convention 2018

Coffs 2018: day two panel recap

Coffs 2018: day two panel recap



Future trends in weighing technology

What do a cow, a suitcase and a waste truck have in common? At first glance, these three things may … 0 135
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NSW EPA’s precipitous action jeopardises future resource recovery investments

On October 26, the NSW EPA released the Mixed Waste Organic Material (MWOO) – Regulatory Change, withdrawing the Resource Recovery … 0 260
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Why wood pallets shouldn’t be used for transporting used lead acid batteries

The wood pallet is currently the default device used for transporting used lead acid batteries (ULAB) in Australia. It has … 0 303
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Bingo acquisition of DADI may open up C&I sorting capacity in Australia

According to the 2016 National Waste Report, commercial and industrial waste (C&I) represents 20MT of the 53MT of waste generated … 0 282
Bio-based plastics can reduce waste, but only if we invest in both making and getting rid of them

Bio-based plastics can reduce waste, but only if we invest in both making and getting rid of them

Drinking straws are just the literal tip of humanity’s plastic addiction. In 2016 global plastic resin production reached nearly 335 million … 0 293