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Circular business models offer multiple process opportunities for businesses

The principles and thinking behind a circular economy are not new. Academics have spoken about the merits of a circular … 134

NZ government’s product stewardship and kerbside recycling plans gain support from hundreds of companies

The Packaging Forum has given its support to the New Zealand government’s plans to improve plastic recycling and waste reduction … 90

Illegally dumped materials cost Melbourne’s 31 councils $10.8m per year to clean up

A Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) survey found that Melbourne’s 31 councils are collectively spending at least $10.8 … 126

Fostering a collaborative network for industry’s young professionals

From working in the field supervising commercial bush regeneration projects, to authoring reports tackling strategic responses to rapid urban densification … 53

Potential for more than $100 million support for waste industry following Aussie election

The Liberal National Party is set to govern Australia for the next three years, which means the waste industry can … 150

Circular Economy


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Lack of technology uptake limiting real time, accurate data collection, Arcadis explains

Limited use of technology in the waste industry is preventing the collection of specific, real-time data, according to a preliminary … 0 127
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China Sword Policy “irreversible, yet positive”, ABC’s Gardening Australia host says

ABC’s Gardening Australia host, Costa Georgiadis, summed up the challenges in the waste industry as an “incredible 12 months”, due … 0 131
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Flinders University microplastics study determines how clean Australia’s remote beaches really are

A study conducted by Flinders University will find out how many microplastics are swimming in waters at South Australian beaches. … 0 95
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Commercial organics recycling – success is a long way away

When people think of recycling, the first thing that usually comes to mind is commingled recycling. And more often that … 0 261
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NSW return and earn has doubled container recycling in the state, according to ACOR

Contrary to recent comments to the ABC that, “.. the bulk of the containers that are going into the (NSW) … 0 330
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In 2019, being authentic, responsible and transparent will unlock new revenues for process manufacturers

Colin Elkins from global enterprise application company IFS has gazed into his crystal ball for the process manufacturing industry and … 0 437

Future trends in weighing technology

What do a cow, a suitcase and a waste truck have in common? At first glance, these three things may … 0 527
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NSW EPA’s precipitous action jeopardises future resource recovery investments

On October 26, the NSW EPA released the Mixed Waste Organic Material (MWOO) – Regulatory Change, withdrawing the Resource Recovery … 0 654