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Inquiry looks at the ‘right to repair’

The Australian Productivity Commission has been asked to look at the issue of consumers’ ability to repair faulty goods and … 361

Is landfill part of the ‘Circular’ Economy?

The Circular Economy is where materials are reclaimed from end-of- life products and recycled or re-used back into the same … 1030

Plastic problem is not business as usual

On December 8, 2020, the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill was passed in the Senate without amendment. Despite a senate … 576

SA educates ahead of plastic ban

South Australia’s ban on single-use plastics commences on March 1 2021 when the Government launches an education campaign to help … 1188

VWMA says beverage industry CDS calls “not in the public interest”

The Victorian Waste Management Association, (VWMA) is urging the Victorian Government to resist changing its container deposit scheme. 1343

Circular Economy

First sod turned on Albury-Wodonga recycling plant

0 639

Tasmania flags split-responsibility CRS

0 477

RMF funding heralds WA recycling boom

0 868

A recycling plant for the home

0 987


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UK takes the lead in meeting plastic targets

As Australia begins to pick up speed towards setting and meeting sustainable targets, the United Kingdom is being hailed as … 0 1987
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How Waste 2020 continued with a message of collaboration

Every industry has the one seminal event where it gathers, connects and learns. For this industry, it is the Coffs … 0 1936
Circular Economy, Features, New South Wales

Young Professional: Ark Du advocates for education to lift awareness of waste recycling

For Veolia Australia and New Zealand landfill engineer Fangzhou Du, colloquially known as “Ark”, a love of the environment has … 0 1999
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Flow-Easy vibrators benefit vacuum tanker operators

Veolia CEO sees optimistic 2021

Next gen collection: Isuzu’s FVY Dual Control

Baling cardboard and RDF efficiently

Research & Reports

CSIRO shares future outlook

Audit finds waste levy has positive impact

Report shows spike in COVID food waste

Translating waste tech from laboratory to local manufacturing


AWRE 2020 Expo reimagined

AWRE heads back to Sydney in November

SA WARR preps for live October conference

Sustainable Cities and Communities Awards Open


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Wasted Space: When one Conference isn’t enough….

Dear Minister, I know it’s been some months since my last report but, in my defence, my schedule has been … 0 815
Australia, Latest News, News, Online Subscription, Opinion, Waste & Resource Recovery

Why we should have a national landfill levy

  Australians want to take care of the environment, both locally and globally. That means preserving remaining natural habitat and … 0 1526
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AWRE takes a close look at waste and COVID

The opening session of the Australian Waste and Recycling Exhibition asked, ‘can waste and recycling successfully minimise the negative effects … 0 1426
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When is waste ‘waste’?

How many times have you heard: “I wish we could stop thinking of waste as ‘waste’ and start thinking of … 0 1573
Australia, News, Opinion, Waste & Resource Recovery

FOGO is driving real reform in Australia

Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne have now all adopted FOGO (Food Organics, Garden Organics) collection from households, as a means of achieving … 0 2752