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EPA guides help construction industry avoid rogue waste operations

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has published new guidelines to help the construction and demolition (C&D) industry properly dispose … 31

SA councils agree to prioritise products made from recycled materials

Nine South Australian councils have committed to buying products made from recycled materials to support a circular economy. 59

Albury council’s decade-long waste program close to goal of halving waste to landfill

In 2009, the Albury Waste Management Centre (AWMC) was bearing 100 per cent of the region’s local waste. Having the … 96

Victoria’s $30 million Lara waste stockpile clean-up begins

The first truckloads of construction and demolition (C&D) waste will be removed from a waste stockpile in Lara this week, … 67

Positive response from members of SA’s first single-use plastics taskforce meeting

A taskforce with representation from 15 organisations met for the first time on September 12 to help inform the next … 76

Circular Economy


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Research project aims to identify gaps in fostering good recycling behaviour

Germany has long been a leader in waste avoidance and resource recovery (WARR) with its comprehensive recycling infrastructure and scarce … 0 214
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Queensland waste levy gets mixed reactions from industry

The Queensland government has reintroduced a waste levy after half a decade of not having one, but “only time will … 0 198
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Fees dished out with Malaysia’s crack down on foreign waste

Malaysia has ramped up joint inspection and enforcement activities at recycling factories in light of what Malaysia’s environment minister, Yeo … 0 220
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Precision and experience achieved with European shredders

Reliability is key when investing in a new wheel loader

Joest offers variety of options in waste incineration


Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo returns for 10th year

APCO Annual Awards 2019

Waste Expo Australia to focus on policy reform on day two



Actions for a circular economy in Australia from the EU model

Circular Economy (CE) could be transformative. Transforming an economy from linear consumption to circular materials flow including redesign, recovery, reuse, … 0 59
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Ewaste Watch co-founder says mainstreaming reuse and repair is the way to go

John Gertsakis, the co-founder of Ewaste Watch, discusses the benefits of mainstreaming reuse and repair.  The transition to a circular economy … 0 314
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Australian waste levies – something needs to be done

Australian landfill levies are on the move, with significant changes in Queensland and South Australia. The trouble with waste disposal, … 0 231
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The state of waste in Australia – a 2019 review

This story was contributed by Mike Ritchie – the director of MRA Consulting Group. The Australian Commonwealth has achieved a … 0 546
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Opinion: Australia’s recycling efforts often go unnoticed

This story was contributed by Pete Shmigel – the CEO of the Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR). When you’re blindfolded … 0 359