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Global waste treatment giant in the wings

Veolia’s successful bid for Suez shares from Engie SA earlier this month has created an environment for what global WARR … 39

Industry Innovation and Science Australia reinvigorated

Five new members have been added to a reinvigorated and renamed Industry Innovation and Science Australia (IISA) formerly Innovation and … 54

LNP promises to make Queensland the Recycling State

A Liberal National Party (LNP) Government will open a solar panel recycling facility in South-East Queensland and work with councils … 40

Why managing water on-site is best left to outside experts

The chances are good that at one point in their construction careers, some Inside Waste readers have encountered water on-site … 45

Britain sets standard for biodegradable plastic

Confusion over how the terms ‘biodegradable,’ ‘bioplastic,’ and ‘compostable’ has been addressed with the British Standards Institute (BSI) setting a … 46

Circular Economy

How Ireland is building its circular economy

0 100

Circular Solar grants program boosted

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Study reveals lack of workplace recycling options

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New Zealand’s plan for plastic and waste

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UK takes the lead in meeting plastic targets

As Australia begins to pick up speed towards setting and meeting sustainable targets, the United Kingdom is being hailed as … 0 290
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How Waste 2020 continued with a message of collaboration

Every industry has the one seminal event where it gathers, connects and learns. For this industry, it is the Coffs … 0 258
Circular Economy, Features, New South Wales

Young Professional: Ark Du advocates for education to lift awareness of waste recycling

For Veolia Australia and New Zealand landfill engineer Fangzhou Du, colloquially known as “Ark”, a love of the environment has … 0 300
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Fiber laser delivers total quality control

Dual control kerbside range meets industry needs

A carbonator that reduces wood debris by up to 95 per cent

Research & Reports

NTCRS expansion would bring national benefits

Australians suffering a recycling crisis-of-confidence

Chapter 3 of the Inside Waste Industry Report is now out

Waste-derived products and wastes exports see strong May decline


AWRE 2020 Expo reimagined

AWRE heads back to Sydney in November

SA WARR preps for live October conference

Sustainable Cities and Communities Awards Open


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Budget 2020 – $250 million boost for Australia’s recycling infrastructure

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has allocated $250 million to modernise Australia’s recycling infrastructure in last week’s budget.0 137
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Clock ticking on National Waste Action Plan 2019

The National Waste Action Plan was agreed by Federal, State and Local governments in 2019 with the following targets:0 320

Opinion: Urban Australia could benefit from small scale WtE systems

David Cocks is MRA Consulting Group’s Victoria manager. He discusses the option for using smaller scale Waste to Energy (WtE) … 0 441
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Steps towards a better solar PV industry

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology is playing a pivotal role in Australia’s necessary transition to a renewable and sustainable economy.0 577
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Opinion: It’s government’s turn to take out the rubbish

Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA) executive officer Mark Smith shares his opinion on how the federal and state governments could … 0 585