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NSW EPA’s decision on MWOO gains backlash from industry

The NSW EPA has announced it does not intend to allow Mixed Waste Organic Outputs (MWOO) to be used as … 52

Tickets on sale for WARR awards

Celebrate the latest innovations and achievements in the waste industry by attending the Waste and Resource Recovery (WARR) Awards this … 239

Australia’s ban on export of recyclables could be implemented as early as next year

The Federal government anticipates that a ban on the export of waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres could be implemented … 76

Consultation has closed on the NSW EPA’s 20-year waste strategy – What now?

It’s been 20 years since the Y2K computer glitch was expected to shut down global computer systems but amounted to … 50

One person’s food scraps are another person’s banquet

More than 50 per cent of people say they don’t like leaving food on their plate because it’s a waste … 77

Circular Economy


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Waste consultant urges Australia to help its neighbours in a fight against rubbish

If Australia is serious about tackling marine litter and slowing resource depletion, a global approach to waste management should be … 0 97
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A shift in focus – two decades of the Australian Packaging Covenant explored

Twenty years ago, the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) was heavily focussed on the avoidance of litter and cleaning up Australia. … 0 86
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Trust – a pathway to getting community on board with EfW

A study conducted in 2019 by CSIRO and Sustainability Victoria showed that 75 per cent of survey participants believe that … 0 93
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A compactor for all environments

Counteracting rising waste levies for your business

Precision and experience achieved with European shredders


WMRR WasteQ Conference in Queensland just weeks away

Waste Expo Australia hitting Melbourne in October



Actions for a circular economy in Australia from the EU model

Circular Economy (CE) could be transformative. Transforming an economy from linear consumption to circular materials flow including redesign, recovery, reuse, … 0 183
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Ewaste Watch co-founder says mainstreaming reuse and repair is the way to go

John Gertsakis, the co-founder of Ewaste Watch, discusses the benefits of mainstreaming reuse and repair.  The transition to a circular economy … 0 448
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Australian waste levies – something needs to be done

Australian landfill levies are on the move, with significant changes in Queensland and South Australia. The trouble with waste disposal, … 0 322
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How to drive a successful circular economy in Australia

The National Waste Report 2018 indicates that more than 67 million tonnes (Mt) of waste, including 14.2 Mt of organics, … 0 326
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The state of waste in Australia – a 2019 review

This story was contributed by Mike Ritchie – the director of MRA Consulting Group. The Australian Commonwealth has achieved a … 0 769