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Food waste technology wins $20,000 at evokeAg

Automated technology that reduces industrial food processing waste by 40 per cent was recently recognised at Australia’s largest agricultural technology … 46

Cambridge Gardens Public School unveil recycled community garden

Cambridge Gardens Public School in Penrith, NSW, has just unveiled its community garden set made from recycled oral care waste … 43

National Litter Index highlighting positive trends and areas of opportunity

The Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) 2017/18 National Litter Index (NLI) has been released and shows positive trends across the nation … 68

City of Tea Tree Gully successfully trials Reconophalt recycled asphalt

The recent construction of road surfaces using asphalt containing recycled soft plastics and glass has taken the use of recyclables … 47

Hobart’s single-use plastic ban spells bigger opportunity, according to WMRR

The Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR) applauds Hobart City Council for being proactive in its quest … 36

Circular Economy


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NSW return and earn has doubled container recycling in the state, according to ACOR

Contrary to recent comments to the ABC that, “.. the bulk of the containers that are going into the (NSW) … 0 105
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China Sword: the Australian response

Recycling contracts in Australia are under threat and a crisis is looming after China implemented its National Sword Policy on … 0 1180
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MRF shutdowns could be just the tip of the iceberg

With several councils being recently locked out of their Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), leaving them with no option but to … 0 234
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Enviroweigh by Garwood International

Enviroweigh by Garwood International


Australian businesses called on to help Clean Up Australia

The best practices for the PET industry in the circular economy

Future Waste Resources Convention 2018


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In 2019, being authentic, responsible and transparent will unlock new revenues for process manufacturers

Colin Elkins from global enterprise application company IFS has gazed into his crystal ball for the process manufacturing industry and … 0 272

Future trends in weighing technology

What do a cow, a suitcase and a waste truck have in common? At first glance, these three things may … 0 343
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NSW EPA’s precipitous action jeopardises future resource recovery investments

On October 26, the NSW EPA released the Mixed Waste Organic Material (MWOO) – Regulatory Change, withdrawing the Resource Recovery … 0 457
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Why wood pallets shouldn’t be used for transporting used lead acid batteries

The wood pallet is currently the default device used for transporting used lead acid batteries (ULAB) in Australia. It has … 0 483
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Bingo acquisition of DADI may open up C&I sorting capacity in Australia

According to the 2016 National Waste Report, commercial and industrial waste (C&I) represents 20MT of the 53MT of waste generated … 0 486