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NSW Court of Criminal Appeal ruling on asbestos waste case explained

Legal consultants from NSW gave Inside Waste their view on a court ruling that affects waste and recycling operators in … 56

Australian waste levies – something needs to be done

Australian landfill levies are on the move, with significant changes in Queensland and South Australia. The trouble with waste disposal, … 50

Research project aims to identify gaps in fostering good recycling behaviour

Germany has long been a leader in waste avoidance and resource recovery (WARR) with its comprehensive recycling infrastructure and scarce … 58

How to drive a successful circular economy in Australia

The National Waste Report 2018 indicates that more than 67 million tonnes (Mt) of waste, including 14.2 Mt of organics, … 35

SA’s first plastic free precincts take on challenge to avoid single-use plastics

Single-use plastics will be removed from businesses across several locations in South Australia after the government announced the first of … 155

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Queensland waste levy gets mixed reactions from industry

The Queensland government has reintroduced a waste levy after half a decade of not having one, but “only time will … 0 60
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Fees dished out with Malaysia’s crack down on foreign waste

Malaysia has ramped up joint inspection and enforcement activities at recycling factories in light of what Malaysia’s environment minister, Yeo … 0 81
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The state of waste in Australia – a 2019 review

This story was contributed by Mike Ritchie – the director of MRA Consulting Group. The Australian Commonwealth has achieved a … 0 230
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Opinion: Australia’s recycling efforts often go unnoticed

This story was contributed by Pete Shmigel – the CEO of the Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR). When you’re blindfolded … 0 237
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NWRIC: Composting remains Australia’s biggest recycling opportunity

National Waste Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) CEO, Rose Read, explains that organics are the single largest recycling opportunity in Australia … 0 166
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Opinion: Australia’s $80m illegal rubbish dumping issue can be tackled through tech

Dodgy dumpers are causing big problems for Australia Subhash Challa, the former senior principal scientist at NICTA, University of Melbourne … 0 338
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Key steps to getting the most value for a procurement process

Waste industry experts discuss how to get the best value for a procurement process.0 293
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Opinion: EfW can kill two birds with one stone – if government wants it to

Contributed by Gavin Shapiro, who is a partner at Hones Lawyers and specialises in waste contracts, waste legislation, EPA investigations … 0 318