Value Capture in Infrastructure 2017

Location: Swissotel Sydney - 68 Market St, Sydney NSW

Start Date: March 15, 8:00am

End Date: March 15, 5:30pm

Contact: Alex Cook


Phone: 02 9080 4425


Details: The momentum toward incorporating a ‘beneficiary pays' or value capture funding mechanism in relation to the development of infrastructure projects continues to grow in Australia.

With governments confronted by fiscal limitations in an environment where the need for public infrastructure underpins the economic prosperity of the country, value capture presents an innovative alternative in the infrastructure funding equation.

The Value Capture in Infrastructure conference reflects a timely opportunity for stakeholders across the infrastructure sector to engage in meaningful dialogue in relation to the implementation and usage of value capture mechanisms.

With the federal government's release of a discussion paper exploring both the opportunities and challenges that value capture may present, this conference presents an opportunity to further the conversation. 

Topics for discussion include:

  • Infrastructure reform;
  • The business case for value capture;
  • Value capture funding mechanisms;
  • Managing and sustaining urban growth; and
  • The benefits of market-led proposals.

For a more detailed look at the event agenda, head over to the Informa website to download the conference agenda.